2019 10-Minute Play Competition


It’s easy to dismiss libraries as quiet and sedate repositories of information, but at Heartland Theatre we think differently and we’re hoping you’ll join us. Libraries are focused on classification, but difficult to classify. In a library order rules the day, but the items stored there might unleash chaos when you hold them in your hand. And, of course, there’s no telling what might happen when two patrons seek the same archive at the same time.

We’re inviting you to give us access to the shelves of your imagination. We’re encouraging you to thaw out the cryogenically preserved seeds of ideas cataloged in the mists of your dreams. Take us to your library and give us a script we can open like a book and show to our audience. And don’t worry—we’ll never tell you to be quiet. 

Everything you need is right here.

History of Heartland’s 10-Minute Play Festival

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