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Heartland’s 2022-2023 Season Main Productions

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Performances: September 1,2,3 | 8,9,10,11 |15,16,17 – 2022

Auditions: July 11, 12 – 2022 (Read Through July 24)

Tennessee Williams reaches his Southern Gothic heights in this one-act mystery recounting a horrible tragedy, the murder of young poet, Sebastian. Who should be believed concerning the gruesome nature of his death? His cousin, mentally unstable Catherine, the only eyewitness to what took place? Or his mother, a wealthy matron determined to protect the reputation of her son, even if it means silencing her troubled niece through the most nefarious way imaginable?

Performances: November 3,4,5 | 10,11,12,13 | 17,18,19 – 2022
Auditions: September 19,20 – 2022 (Read Through September 25)

During the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, four women—a playwright, an assassin, an abolitionist, and the former queen of France (none other than Marie Antoinette) — cross paths in this comedy that celebrates the enduring value of sisterhood. Rebellious and irreverent, the quartet of beautiful, badass women banter and bicker, and finally bond as they confront the inequities of the day head on, while also trying to avoid losing their heads to the guillotine.

Performances: February 2,3,4 | 9,10,11,12 |16,17,18 – 2023
Auditions: December 12,13 – 2022 (Read Through December 18)

Where do you draw the line between fact and fiction, especially when the reputation of your prominent but sinking New York magazine is at stake? It’s a question Editor-in-Chief Emily Penrose is forced to address as she referees a lively and hilarious debate between her fresh-out-of-Harvard fact checker and a talented writer with a transcendent essay—an essay that just might save the magazine from collapse

Performances: March 30,31 & April 1,2 | 6,7,8 | 13,14,15 – 2023
Auditions: February 13,14 – 2023 (Read Through February 19)

Winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Water by the Spoonful takes an unflinching look at a “found family” of recovering drug addicts from varying socioeconomic backgrounds whose lives interconnect first in cyberspace, and ultimately in face-to-face encounters stretched across continents. The boundaries of family and community are redefined in this heartfelt meditation on the lives of people so fragile apart, and yet so strong together.

Performances: June 1,2,3 | 8,9,10,11 | 15,16,17 | 22,23,24 – 2023
Auditions: April 24,25 – 2023 (Read Through YTBD)

We’ve all been waiting. Here at Heartland, we waited for the day when we could open our doors again. Our patrons waited for the chance to get back to the things that they enjoy. For more than two years, we’ve all mastered the art of waiting.

Now our 10-Minute Play Festivals are back in production, but that doesn’t mean the waiting is over. In fact, we’re embracing it. The theme for our 2023 10-Minute Play Festival is The Waiting Room. We want to see what happens while people are waiting for something to happen.

It should be a uniquely complete night of theater. Haven’t we always been told that good things come to those who wait? But rocker Tom Petty told us that “the waiting is the hardest part.” And, of course, it will be another opportunity for Heartland to bring terrific artists and our wonderful patrons together to celebrate material written just for us.

We can’t wait!

Heartland’s 2022-2023 Season Additional Events

Donations requested; Flex Passes (Season Tickets) do not apply
Two Showcases (Fall & Summer): October 19 & 21, 2022 and June 21 & 23, 2023

Play Reading of a New Play in Development: December 10,11 – 2022

Playwright Forum with Guest Playwright: July 13
Staged Readings: July 14,15,16 – 2023
Auditions: June 12,13 – 2023

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