Heartland Theatre’s Performance Space

Heartland’s stage for 2012 10-Minute Plays: Playing Games

Our intimate theatre is vital and immediate to all spectators, seating just under 100 and with a thrust stage. So we find the most successful staging is designed to accommodate a three-quarter house. We’ve effective sound resources, and professional stage lighting. There is very little off-stage wing space and there is no fly gallery in our theatre. We use four entrances in our presentations, two upstage openings, and two vomitoria (with actor walkways) that come from both sides of the center section of the audience. The audience is terraced upwards so they are looking down on our presentations, with the stage height 18″ higher than the main audience level.

10-Minute plays are performed in groups of four plays before intermission with a separate curtain call for those involved in those plays, and four plays following intermission. Ideally, we’d find elements of each set of four plays at work on the stage from the beginning of the performance and move effortlessly from one play to the next with a minimum of shift change to keep the pace moving. In an ideal world all necessary scene changes would transpire only during intermission. Exceptions to this are sure to arise, but by keeping your imagined floor plan simple you are giving us a deserving advantage.

View the floor plan of the Heartland Theatre space.

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