10-Minute Play Festival Winning Playwrights

David Alex, Hoffman Estates IL “A Parent Conference” (Classroom 04)
John Andreini, Duluth MN “Eternal Life” (Parlor 03)

Andrew Bailes, Gainsville FL “When She Danced” (Back Porch 11)
Meny Beriro, Forest Hills NY “Final Bingo” (Games 12)
Bruce Boeck, Normal IL “Death Loves Chocolate” (Coffeeshop 08)
Bruce Boeck, Normal IL “Crickets” (Back Porch 11)
Bruce Boeck, Normal IL “Library Noir” (The Library 19)

Loretta Wish Bolger, Manasquan NJ “Amnesty Week” (The Library 19)
Claire BonEnfant, Toronto, ONT Canada “The Caw-Caw Conspiracy” (Fowl Plays 14)
Dan Borengasser, Springdale AR “Auld Lang Syne” (Reunion 15)
Dan Borengasser, Springdale AR “The Art Gallery” (Art Gallery 16)
Dan Borengasser, Springdale AR “A Class Act” (Graduation Party 17)
Paul Bowman, New Albany IN “Graduation Party” (Graduation Party 17)
John Patrick Bray, Riverhead NY “Eleanor’s Passing” (Back Porch 11)
Timothy J. Brennan, Austin MN “Reciting Emily Dickinson” (Classroom 04)
Timothy J. Brennan, Austin MN “Show Me a Hero” (20 Years 06)
Alex Broun, Petersham, New South Wales, Australia “The First Fireworks” (20 Years 06)
Jared Brown, Bloomington IL “Kathy on the Spot” (Classroom 04)
Ron Burch, Los Angeles CA “Polly” (Fowl Plays 14)
Ron Burch, Los Angeles CA “The Painting” (Art Gallery 16)
Michael Burgan, Chicago IL “Uncovered” (Coffeeshop 08)
Kimberly Burke, Austin TX “Charlie’s Funeral” (Parlor 03)
Christine Bush, Center Valley PA “The Desert Surprise Coffeeshop” (Coffeeshop 08)

Robert Caisley, New York NY “Three Wishes” (Attic 05)
Molly Campbell, Omaha NE “Better Living Through Reincarnation” (Classroom 04)
Molly Campbell, Chicago IL “A Million Times Over” (Package Plays 13)
Corey Case, Clinton IL “Not in My Lobby, You Don’t” (Lobby 10)
Patti Cassidy, Watertown MA “Critic’s Choice” (Art Gallery 16)
George Churley, Lincoln NE “Mr. Wiggly” (Classroom 04)
John J. Conley, Baltimore, MD “O’Boylan’s Finest” (One Shoe 07)
John J. Conley, Baltimore MD “The Pollock Mug” (Coffeeshop 08)
Erin Considine, Lawrenceville GA “Old Flames” (Reunion 15)
Sean Crawford, Waltham MA “Bittersweet Samba” (Reunion 15)

Paul Donnelly, Arlington VA “Mission Accomplished” (Attic 05)
Deborah Duane, Milburn NJ “Happy Hour” (Reunion 15)
Joan Dunayer, Champaign IL “Time to Go” (Coffeeshop 08)

C. J. Ehrlich, Chappaqua NY “Standing Room Only” (Package Plays 13)
John Enright, Chicago IL “Space Cat Graduation” (Graduation Party 17)
Rich Espey, Towson, MD “New Paradigm” (One Shoe 07)

John Ficca, Bloomington IL “Cats and Mice” (Front Porch 02)
Teesue H. Fields, Floyd Knobs IN “Colored Entrance Around Back” (Back Porch 11)
Ron Frankel, New Lebanon, NY “Fat Petey Gets It All Wrong” (It’s Over 09)
John Frusciante, Astoria NY “The Cheesecake Play” (Package Plays 13)

Maximillian Gill, Sunnyside NY “Top Shelf Tolstoy” (The Library 19)
Michael Griffo, Secaucus NJ “Cloudy” (Attic 05)

Emily Hageman, Sioux City IA “Ta-Da or Toodle-Oo” (Magic! 18)
Lyn Halper, Scarsdale NY “The Secret” (20 Years 06)
Nancy Halper, Summit NJ “The Murder of Crows” (Fowl Plays 14)
Nancy Halper, Summit NJ “The Truth About the Lemmings” (Graduation Party 17)
Nancy Halper, Summit NJ “Dewey or Don’t We?” (The Library 19)

Laura Henry, Brooklyn NY “Set Up to Succeed” (Classroom 04)
Shawn Samuelson Henry, Grosse Pointe Park MI “Honorable Mention” (Art Gallery 16)
James Hindman, New York NY “Movers and Shakers” (Attic 05)
Donna Hoke, East Amherst NY “Sold!” (Art Gallery 16)
Jimmy Holder, Milledgeville GA “The Song We Shared” (Reunion 15)

Erik Johnke, Congers NY “Reboot” (20 Years 06)
Jonathan Josephson, Pasadena CA “Runed” (Magic! 18)

Beth Kander, Jackson, MS “The Final Episode of Intergalactic Warrior Journeymen” (It’s Over 09)
Philip Kaplan, Brooklyn NY “Almost There” (Lobby 10)
James Keeran, Bloomington IL “Women Do Get Weary” (Front Porch 02)
Henry W. Kimmel, Atlanta GA “Cycle of Death” (Parlor 03)
Henry W. Kimmel, Atlanta GA “Escape from the Land of the Shoes” (One Shoe 07)
Laura King, Barnesville GA “Wax Fruit” (Graduation Party 17)
John W. Kirk, Hudson IL “At the Party” (Front Porch 02)
Margaret S. Kirk, Hudson IL “The Letter” (20 Years 06)
Julie Kistler, Bloomington IL “Taking a Breather” (Front Porch 02)
Julie Kistler, Bloomington IL “Penny From Heaven” (One Shoe 07)
Judy Klass, Nashville TN “Performance Art” (Art Gallery 16)
Steven Korbar, Torrance CA “Honestly” (It’s Over 09)
Steven Korbar, Torrance CA “Within One Month’s Time” (Magic! 18)
Dave Krostal, Bloomington IL “If Only” (Lobby 10)

Max Langert, Austin TX “Fishing for Metaphors” (Parlor 03)
Ken Levine, Los Angeles CA “A Fractured Ferry Tale” (Magic! 18)
Barbara Lindsay, Seattle WA “Here to Serve You” (One Shoe 07)
Christopher Lockheardt, Andover MA “Bedtime Story” (Back Porch 11)
Rhys Lovell, Bloomington IL “Shatter” (Attic 05)

Jerry McGee, Brooklyn NY “How to Weed Your Garden” (Back Porch 11)
Jerry McGee, Brooklyn NY “I Am. I Think.” (Games 12)
Michael R. McGuire, New London CT “Ursula Fernhouse Checks Out” (Lobby 10)
Gabe McKinley, New York, NY “The Fun Part” (It’s Over 09)
James McLindon, Northampton MA “Last Call” (Package Plays 13)
John Meiners, Jr., Houston TX “Never Too Late” (Graduation Party 17)
Drew Michele, Chicago IL “The Restricted Section” (The Library 19)
Blaise Miller, Olathe KS “Hot Cup of Soul” (Coffeeshop 08)
Blaise Miller, Frisco TX  “Bird on a Ferry” (Fowl Plays 14)
Blaise Miller, Frisco TX  “Black, It’s Magic” (Magic! 18)
Thomas Mollica, Milwaukee WI “Too Many Air Conditioners” (Back Porch 11)
Erin Moughon, New York NY “In Memory of Calvinball” (Games 12)
Scott Mullen, North Hollywood CA “A Little Magic” (Magic! 18)

Elena Naskova, Seattle WA “Driving Through the Fog” (Lobby 10)
Nicole Neely, Van Alstyne TX “The Art of Reincarnation” (Art Gallery 16)

Colleen N. O’Doherty, Omaha NE “Ricky and Ready” (The Library 19)
Jennifer O’Grady, Pelham NY “Persephone” (Magic! 18)
Ann Marie Oliva, Charlotte NC “The Girl Who Loved the Moon” (Classroom 04)
Ann Marie Oliva, Charlotte NC “Twenty Years of Hell” (20 Years 06)
Kathy O’Malley, Chicago IL “Til Death” (Front Porch 02)
Marj O’Neill-Butler, Miami Beach FL “Missed Connections” (Games 12)
Rich Orloff, New York NY “I Was Fine Until You Came in the Room” (Art Gallery 16)

David L. Paterson, New York NY “One Last Time” (Parlor 03)
Isaac Perelson, Brooklyn, NY “I Lost Three Chewbaccas That Way” (It’s Over 09)
Candace Perry, Wellfleet MA “Do Not Open” (Package Plays 13)
Candace Perry, Wellfleet MA “A Super Reunion” (Reunion 15)
Walt Pilcher, Greensboro NC “The County Library” (The Library 19)
Mike Poblete, Brooklyn NY “It” (Games 12)
John D. Poling, Clinton IL “Destiny’s Tug of War” (Games 12)
Robin Pond, Toronto, ONT Canada “Validation” (Reunion 15)

Amber Reed, Brooklyn NY “The Predicta Moth” (Classroom 04)
Kendall Rileigh, Durham NC “Marginalia” (Attic 05)
Alexis Roblan, Brooklyn NY “Bourbon Whiskey Rummikub” (Games 12)
Chuck Rose, Los Angeles, CA “Double Feature” (It’s Over 09)
Lily Rusek, New York NY “Rhubarb Pie” (20 Years 06)

Edmund P. Sabato, Philadelphia PA “Troublemakers” (Parlor 03)
Diane Sampson, San Francisco CA “Don’t Just Sit There” (It’s Over 09)
Shawn Samuelson Henry, Grosse Pointe Park MI “Pulling the Envelope” (Graduation Party 17)
Mark C. Saunders, Portland OR “A Fine Funeral” (Parlor 03)
Mark C. Saunders, Portland OR “Playthings” (Attic 05)
Mark C. Saunders, Medford OR “Fictionistas” (The Library 19)
Milo Shucavage, New York, NY “Cakes and Corpses” (Graduation Party 17)
Brian Simpson, Bloomington IL “Starlings” (Front Porch 02)
Rachel Stanford, Mackinaw IL “Coffee and a Cruller” (Lobby 10)
Austin Steinmetz, Columbus OH “Word Play” (Games 12)
Joe Strupek, Bloomington IL “Don’t Forget to Play My Numbers” (Back Porch 11)
Joe Strupek, Bloomington IL “The Decoy” (Fowl Plays 14)
Nancy Sultan, Bloomington IL “Pas de Deux” (One Shoe 07)
Bara Swain, New York NY “Civil Disobedience” (Lobby 10)
Bara Swain, New York NY “Critical Care” (Coffeeshop 08)
Brad Sytsma, Kentwood MI “And Twice on Sunday” (Package Plays 13)

Walter Thinnes, New York NY “Your Turn to Watch Dad” (Coffeeshop 08)
Scott Tobin, Waltham MA “It’s Been Years” (Reunion 15)

Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, West New York NJ “Fly Girl Fly” (Fowl Plays 14)

R.D. Wakeman, CA “Going Nowhere” (Lobby 10)
James Walczy, Hilton Head Island SC “Dear Susan, Love Harold” (Package Plays 13)
Chuck Watkins, Austin TX “Under the Surface” (Front Porch 02)
Doc Watson, Bath, Somerset UK “Minced Spies” (Package Plays 13)
Russell Weeks, Seattle WA “Whooo?” (Fowl Plays 14)
Eric Weil, Elizabeth City NC “Waiting for Macbeth” (Magic! 18)
Debbie Weiss, Boston MA “One More to Go” (20 Years 06)
Tim West, San Diego CA “Two in the Bush” (Fowl Plays 14)
Tim West, San Diego CA “Devereaux Redux” (Reunion 15)
Chris Widney, New York NY “Miss Stump’s Got it” (The Library 19)
Joseph Wilcox, Grand Junction CO “A Day Like Tomorrow” (Attic 05)
Matthiew Wilkie, Farnham, Surrey, UK “Sunday in the Park with Frank” (One Shoe 07)
Steve Willis, Greensboro NC “Ethel’s Closed Casket” (Parlor 03)
Todd Wineburner, Tremont IL “Workshopping the Script” (One Shoe 07)
Jessica Wisniewski, Romeoville IL “It’s All in Your Head” (It’s Over 09)



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