YAH Call for Scripts



Young at Heartland, our senior (55+) acting troupe, is always looking for new mini-scripts (really, really short – about 5 minutes) for their showcase performances and touring troupe in the community. There is a Spring and a Fall semester, where scripts will be called for. The best scripts deal with a senior moment, conflict or situation. Currently we are collecting scripts for Spring 2024 with a deadline of March 15, 2024.

We take into consideration the following when selecting scripts:

Script Details

This helps keep things uniform so we can see lines and pages at a glance:

3-5 page scripts

Courier font, 12 point

1-inch margins

Character name centered above the line

We try to keep each performance piece around 4-5 minutes.

Three pages isn’t too short. The average scene is taking at

least 1½ minutes per page.

Short Lines and Sentences

It works well when dialogue between characters is 1 or 2

sentences. Longer responses tend to slow down the

performance. An occasionally longer response is OK. Just

use sparingly.


Every script needs some sort of conflict. It can be between

people, between people and a situation, or even people and

the world at large. It’s the conflict and its possible

resolution that keeps it interesting!


Humor is another essential in most of our scripts. We do

have the occasional drama, but mostly we do comedies.

Keeping it light-hearted, with banter and humor helps.

Topics that need a cautious approach

Our group enjoys a variety of topics and mayhems, however,

we have found our audiences have some sensitivity when

hearing certain conversations. In some instances, the

following topics work well in the script, but please use

caution with the following:

  • Innocent, flirtations, or romantic gestures work well, but please refrain from sexual innuendos.
  • We love animals! Please avoid conversation surrounding hunting or even pest extermination, unless the critters end up outsmarting the humans!

Scripts with Women and some with Men

If your inspired piece calls for a male, that is fine. We have a few of those. but only a few! In the past, if we don’t have enough parts for women, we have asked a playwright if they would consider altering a part to accommodate the female role.


How to Submit Your Script

Send your script to [email protected] in an email with your name and with your script attached in PDF format.

Be sure to put your full name and title of the play in the Subject Line. Once all scripts are reviewed, selections will be made and you will be notified if your script is a good fit and if we can use your script. Those scripts selected will be announced at the top of this webpage.

YOU will be notified if your script is selected for performance, or if we are going to hold it for the next semester. Selected scripts will be posted on this web page, but the playwrights of those scripts not selected will not be notified. We appreciate the efforts of all playwrights who submit their scripts.


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