Ayckbourn 14_edited-1Directed by Joseph P. McDonnell

February 25, 26 – 2019; 7-10 pm

Characters: Three women and three men. Character ages are somewhat flexible, except in the birth order of the siblings. All characters are English and must have an English accent.


Reg –  35-50 – Affable, easy going, good humored, if his humor is at times corny rather than funny. He’s a man for whom life is simple; very straightforward.


Sarah – 35-50 Reg’s wife. She is high strung, a bit prissy and controlling, a chatterbox


Ruth –  35-50 Reg’s sister. Business woman; very self assured and no nonsense. She sees the world very clearly.


Norman – 35-50  Married to Ruth. Utterly self-involved and apparently without a conscience (in a charming , British sort of way).


Annie –  30-40 Reg and Ruth’s younger sister – A bit lost in the world, broken by being stuck taking care of their mother, she longs for someone to help her escape. She feels no sense of her own power.


Tom – 35-45 the neighbor — A bit dim-witted, but very kind and down to earth. A veterinarian.


The play is a pure English comedy of manners, propelled quite entirely by character. It is a period piece (1970’s) and takes place entirely in the dining room of the house in which the three siblings were raised.


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