The Play’s the Thing

THE PLAY’S THE THING: New Play Reading at Heartland

A new play reading of a full-length play in development, with Heartland actors playing the roles, simply staged on stools on Heartland’s stage. Our 2023 new play is LOAD-BEARING WALLS by guest playwright Pamela Morgan, selected by Artistic Director Rhys Lovell.

The play features Kristi Zimmerman, Jen Maloy and Lynda Rettick.

LOAD-BEARING WALLS – a synopsis by Pamela Morgan

Sophie fights for her legal rights to inherit the home and accounts of her partner, Lena. Challenged by Lena’s mother, Lauren, the asexual (ace) nature of their partnership is called into question and put on trial. Load-Bearing Walls focuses on themes of romance, love, dignity in death, and the value that society places on sexual relationships. 
This play was inspired by a Swedish Supreme Court ruling in July 2022. An ace couple lived together for 13 years before one woman died. Despite her will, leaving their home and assets to her partner, her family contested because Swedish law stated that marriage was defined by consummation and inheritance was determined by marriage. The partner won and the Supreme Court amended their constitution, validating relationships that do not include sex. 
This is not their story, but one of my own imaginings, because we do live in a society that values sex over intimacy and sexual relationships over platonic ones. 
           TRIGGER WARNINGS Acephobia, death and dying, miscarriage

Invited credentialed responders help the audience understand play process and structure. 

Two performances: December 9, 7:30 PM and December 10, 2:00 PM – 2023.  $5 Donation at the door.
Reservations, please! Flex Passes do not apply to this grant-sponsored event.

“I’ll have grounds

More relative than this —

the play’s the thing

Wherein I’ll catch

the conscience of the King.

                                                               -Hamlet, Act 2, scene 2

2018 Reading of Marie Kohler’s BOSWELL, featuring Brian Mani and directed by Rhy Lovell. BOSWELL went on to perform in the Fringe Festival and now Off-Broadway New York, December 2022.


2019 Reading of Doug Post’s A SPY IN SPITE OF HIMSELF, directed by Rhys Lovell.

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