2023 10-Minute Play Competition

Our 10-Minute Play Competition’s theme is THE WAITING ROOM!

This Competition is CLOSED AS OF FEBRUARY 1!

We’ve all been waiting. Here at Heartland, we waited for the day when we could open our doors again. Our patrons waited for the chance to get back to the things that they enjoy. For more than two years, we’ve all mastered the art of waiting.

Now our 10-Minute Play Festivals are back in production, but that doesn’t mean the waiting is over. In fact, we’re embracing it. The theme for our 2023 10-Minute Play Festival is The Waiting Room. We want to see what happens while people are waiting for something to happen.

It should be a uniquely complete night of theater. Haven’t we always been told that all things come to those who wait? But rocker Tom Petty told us that “the waiting is the hardest part.” And, of course, it will be another opportunity for Heartland to bring terrific artists and our wonderful patrons together to celebrate material written just for us.

We can’t wait!

CALL for submissions: Labor Day, September 2022. DEADLINE for submissions:  FEBRUARY 1, 2023    

AUDITIONS: April 24, 25, 2023. PERFORMANCES:  June 1,2,3 | 8,9,10,11 | 15,16,17 | 22,23,24 – 2023


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