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Directed by Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson
Featuring John Fischer, Dave Lemmon, Rhys Lovell, Todd Wineburner & Leo Vargas Steinbacher


Run time: 2 hrs 49 min

A barren landscape reveals a single tree and nothing more. Two men, Vladimir and Estragon, are vagrants waiting, interminably, for the arrival of a man named Godot. They pass the time philosophizing, soliloquizing, and playing word games. Their absurd, cyclical conversations are punctuated with occasional acrobatics that are every bit as precise, and hilarious, as their banter. By turns — bleak and silly, delightful and devastating, this iconic tragicomedy continues to challenge audiences with the question, “What is the meaning of it all?”  [GENERAL AUDIENCES]

FEBRUARY 6,7,8 | 13,14,15,16 | 20,21,22 – 2020


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