“Heartland Theatre Company is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our casting and production assignments. We encourage an openness to diversity and inclusion.”


MONDAY, APRIL 22 & TUESDAY, APRIL 23 (2024) from 7 – 10 pm at Heartland Theatre

Directed by Darlene Lloyd, Dave Montague, Lynda Rettick and G. William Zorn

INSTRUCTIONS: You, and everyone else, will be reading cold from sides selected by the directors. 


LONESOME by Tony Foster, Los Angeles CA

It’s a slow Friday night at a bar in Manhattan and it’s open mic night, so anyone can take the stage. Anyone.

“Lonesome*” – a singing, guitar-playing cowboy.
McKinley – a businesswoman.
Sawyer – a bartender

*Requires an actor who can sing and play guitar

THE OTHER SIDE by Tony Domaille, Bristol, South Glos, UK

There are those who claim they can open the door to “the other side” and speak to our departed loved ones. Apparently, there are also people who kind of press their ear up against the door of “the other side” to see if they can hear what’s going on.

Veronica – a psychic.
Curtis – a widower.
Linda – Curtis’s dead wife.

THE YETI’S CLAW by Evan Baughfman, Long Beach CA

Why is a twice-told-tale told twice? Because it’s creepy, that’s why. A ghost story in the grand tradition of ghost stories.

Morrison – 40s Male. Adventurous Cryptid seeker reuniting with his family. “The truth is out there” Mulder type.
Dwight – 40s Male. Practical and protective family man with a hero hiding within. Family peacemaker.
Whitney – 40s Female. Extreme skeptic of the supernatural. Just wants a nice, traditional Christmas.
Heather – Young female in late teens/early 20s. Boy crazy and impulsive. Tells it like it is.

A GHOST’S STORY by J. S. Puller, Chicago IL

Ghosts and haunting go together, but what happens when a famous ghost is haunted by its own thoughts? In 10 minutes, you’ll have an answer.

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future in modern day

HAUNTED by Ron Burch, Indianapolis IN

Many mothers don’t get the attention and appreciation that they deserve and their lives end on a sad note. There are some mothers, though, who don’t see any reason to put up with that nonsense.

Dr. Jane Harrold – 30s, a therapist. Helpful and friendly
Bill – her patient, 30s. Just wants his Mom to leave him alone.
Ruth – Bill’s deceased mother. Worried about Bill.


Tyrone Guthrie, the legendary theatrical director, once said that auditioning was the worst way to cast a play. It turns out that there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than were dreamt of in Guthrie’s philosophy.

Vincent – Male. College student in late teens/20s. A theatre novice who’s as clueless as he is hopeful
Professor – Any Gender. A teacher and director. A weary visionary ready to wrap up auditions.

HOLLYWOOD FOREVER by Richard Castle, North Hollywood CA

Hollywood is a tough town, but sometimes you’re ready for your close-up and Mr. DeMille is right there waiting. A story from Tinseltown.

Visitor – Male, 20ish, sarcastic but has a big heart
Tour Guide – Female, 30ish, ghost of an unknown actress from the 1940s

A BOTTLE OF BOOS by Dan Borengasser, Springdale AR

You know you’re going to have to face rules, regulations, and restrictions throughout your life, but when you go to the great beyond all of that fades away, right? Right?

Wilhelmina – a 50ish ghost, female. Has a big job, but she can read ghosts.
Simon – a mid-20s, male ghost. Dissatisfied with his current ghosting duties. Looking for more.

At Heartland Theatre we believe in ghosts, and soon you’ll believe in them, too. For our next 10-Minute Play Festival we’re going to put them on stage. Our theme for 2024 is GHOSTS.

We’ll feature eight original short plays in a paranormal presentation that frightens and enlightens. Remember that at Heartland we want to you think, feel, and live!

In June of 2024, everyone will be leaving our theater looking like they’ve seen a ghost and we’ll be delighted. Next summer at Heartland, the living will meet the dead, spectators will see specters, and everyone will applaud the apparitions! GHOSTS–Heartland Theatre’s 10-Minute Play Festival for 2024.

First Read Through: At Directors’ discretion

Performances: May 30, 31, June 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15 (2x) — 2024

[Note: Our 2024 Festival will be condensed into a three-week run, instead of four, to allow more actors to participate.] In certain circumstances, accommodations are made to double-cast a role due to actor availability. Come out to audition and bring your calendar.

Actors at Heartland Theatre receive an honorarium at the end of each production for Season shows.


MONDAY, JUNE 10 & TUESDAY, JUNE 11 (2024) from 7 – 10 pm at Heartland Theatre

Directed by Douglas Malcolm, Tabitha Miller and Natasha Warloe

Three Winning One-act Plays submitted from 10 Midwest states are presented as enhanced staged readings, holding scripts. Familiarity with the scripts is required, but memorization is not.

First Read Through: Sunday, June 23, 2024: At Directors’ discretion

Performances: July 12, 13, 14 — 2024

Watch this page for announcements of (or changes to) upcoming auditions!

SAFETY PROTOCOLS for ACTORS/STAFF have been lifted as of May 21, 2023, by the Heartland Board of Directors and restored to pre-Covid times.

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