“Heartland Theatre Company is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our casting and production assignments. When casting and hiring we would like to encourage an openness to diverse and non-traditional choices.”

Auditions: December 6, 7 – 2021 (7-10 pm)

Directed by Liz Fisher

Heartland Theatre Company invites actors to submit videoed auditions for LIFE SUCKS, by Aaron Posner.  Character descriptions and performance dates appear below, along with audition monologues from the play. Please choose one (1) of the monologues and video-record it using a smart device. Use good lighting and frame yourself from the chest up. Do not use a virtual background. An external microphone may be used, but is not necessary. Please begin by stating your full name and which role you are reading for. (You may be considered for other roles.)

  • Round 1: Check your video submission for audio and video quality before submitting to [email protected] Submissions will be accepted between November 15 and 30. Any materials received before or after these dates will not be viewed.
  • Round 2: In-person auditions will be held December 6 and 7 at the theater from 7-10 pm. Sides for these auditions are also available now and appear below.

Please note that while you are encouraged to submit a video in advance of the in-person auditions, it is not required to be considered for a role.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your audition.


Character Descriptions

Monologues/Sides for Video Audition (First Round):








Scenes/Sides for In-person Auditions (Second Round):

Babs & Professor

Babs & Sonia

Ella & Aster

Ella & Vanya

Pickles & Sonia

Professor, Vanya, & Sonia

Sonia & Aster

Sonia & Ella

Vanya & Aster

Performances: February 3,4,5 / 10,11,12,13 / 17,18,19 – 2022

Auditions: February 21,22 – 2022 (7-10 pm)

Performances: March 31 & April 1,2 / 7,8,9,10 / 14,15,16 – 2022

Auditions: April 2022

Directed by Rob Fulton, Dave Krostal, John D. Poling, Rich Tinaglia

Performances: June 2,3,4 / 9,10,11 / 16,17,18,19 / 23,24,25 – 2022

BIG BEAR LAKE by Alexander Wilkie, Moorsetown NJ

Imagine trying to make it in a wild and dangerous place—a place where it’s hard to know whether you’re predator or prey and where survival is anything but guaranteed. Yes, it takes courage to try to make it in Hollywood, and on top of everything else, you might wind up going camping!

Character breakdown: 2 women, 1 man —age 20s-40s

CAMPFIRE STORIES by Loretta Bolger Wish, Manaquan NJ

Staring into a campfire can give you a clear sense of who you really are. That same fire, unfortunately, won’t tell other people anything about who you really are, and that can lead to some awkward conversations.

Character breakdown: 3 men – middle-aged, 1 woman – no specific age


Sometimes a campfire attracts beasties that don’t know who you are or what you’re doing there. Of course, your campfire might also attract a creature who knows you really well. That’s not necessarily better.

Character breakdown: 1 man – age 30s-40s, 1 woman – age 30s-40

ROLLING MY OWN by John Patrick Bray, Athens GA

There are times in life when you’re all wrapped up in external things and you feel like you just can’t move. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a couple of friends to pick you up and drag you out into the woods for a camping trip?

Character breakdown: 3 men – age 20s-50s

STAND EASY, STRANGER by Tod Shacklett, Victorville CA

When you’re deep in the forest, it’s like the rules of time and space don’t apply. The problem is that the rules of time and space don’t apply, even in places where the rules of time and space don’t apply.

Character breakdown: 2 men – age 25-50, 1 man – age 50-75

THE OTHER SIDE by Callie Minks, Danville KY

Hindsight is always 20/20, but hindhearing, hindsmelling, and hindtouching aren’t nearly that focused. This is the Heartland Theatre 10-minute Play Festival, though, so trust us when we say that sometimes all of the senses work together.

Character breakdown: 2 men – age 60s, 1 woman – age 60, 1 woman – age 20

THE STREAM by Brook North, Raleigh NC

Poets often say that time flows through our lives like water, bringing some things closer and carrying other things away. They’re always right.

Character breakdown: 1 woman, 2 men — middle-aged


Getting a chance to connect with the natural world is a wonderful thing. When the natural world decides to connect with you, though, it can make things a little uncomfortable around the campfire.

Character breakdown: 1 woman, 1 man — age 50s

Auditions: To be announced

Performances: July 16,17,18 – 2022


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