Show Sponsors

A Few of Our Proud Show Sponsors

Please join us in thanking our sponsors whose generosity makes or cutting-edge, thought-provoking theatre experience the very best it can be. You, too, can sponsor a play at Heartland. Sponsors contribute $850-$1000 to increase production values and offset the cost of royalties, and they bring new people to our theatre by inviting friends to see the show and come to a Sponsor Reception to meet the cast, the director and sometimes the playwright. Contact us by emailing [email protected] for more information.


Sandra and Paul Harmon, Sponsors of NEW PLAYS FROM THE HEARTLAND

“We first became aware of what is now Heartland Theatre Company when Paul, as Mayor of Normal, met with Rita Kohn and Carol Reitan to discuss the formation of a theatre group to present staged readings of new plays. Since that time, through the Town of Normal Harmon Arts Grants, Sandra’s many years of service on the board of directors, attendance at plays, and personal financial support, we have remained boosters of this unique theatre within our community. Heartland makes professional caliber theatre available to Central Illinois. For this we are most appreciative.”

Carole & Jerry Ringer,
Sponsors of Stella and Lou

“The performances at Heartland Theatre are always well-directed and acted.  The setting is intimate, so the audience really SEES and FEELS the actors’ emotions.  Heartland isn’t afraid to tackle complex subjects and new ideas, but also will recreate older plays that are thoughtful and sometimes challenging – or maybe just fun.  Everyone should experience Heartland Theatre.  It’s great theatre, close to home and affordable!”

James Keeran and Mary Ann Schierman

Mary Anne Schierman & James Keeran, Sponsors of HEROES

We believe that Heartland Theatre is a quality of life issue not only for us, but for the Central Illinois community. It’s true. Heartland prides itself in presenting ‘theatre that matters,’ which matters to us.That’s why we support it. And it just seems to get better and better with each new production.”


Laura and Ken Berk, Sponsors of OTHER DESERT CITIES

“It’s a celebration for us to sponsor Other Desert Cities, directed by our own highly talented Sandra Zielinski. After seeing this fascinating play in New York, we’re especially eager to experience Sandi’s vision of it. We know it will be just as superb–and likely better.  At Heartland, each performance is close-up and intimate, with gifted actors from our own community. During intermission, we reflect on the play with audience members we know; our discussions often extend and deepen in the weeks that follow. And store-bought-cookies with five-star bottled water—that’s icing on the cake!  Thank you, Heartland Theatre, for bringing us the best.”

Jan and Ken Holder, Sponsors of RED 

“Just a few years ago, one of our daughters in New York gave us a copy of the play, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Both of us began our art studies in the heyday of Rothko’s career and the height of the “New York School.”
The dialogue between the painter and his studio-assistant-art-student is a provocative and engaging look at the end of the Modernist period of art at the emergence of the so-called “Post-Modern” era, as reflected in the two characters, yet it is a drama that is immediately available to anyone who might be even remotely interested in art. We were delighted when we heard that Heartland was scheduling it for one of this year’s plays, and even more, we were honored when we were asked if we might sponsor the production. We have long been fans of Heartland Theatre and the challenging and wonderful experiences that they bring to this community as a vital part of our rich cultural environment. We look forward to the results with excitement and also a great deal of sadness at the untimely death of Michael Pullin, who was engaged in preparations to play the lead. Like almost everyone who knew him, we considered ourselves friends and fans of his. We would like to add our own personal dedication to his memory with this sponsorship.”

Joan Moore-Semlak and William D. Semlak, Sponsors of EARTH AND SKY

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor Earth and Sky at Heartland.  Having grown up in the era of crime and action movies we look forward to seeing what nuances Heartland brings to this production.  There are plenty for actors and audience alike to sink our teeth into; twisting plot, tricky women, and villains and heroes lurking in the shadows.  Will we exit the theater with our vision still somewhat blurred or will everything come to clear light?  Thanks to Mike Dobbins for his many years of leadership, for encouraging local theater to stretch and diversity, and for providing quality cultural experiences for the community.”

Deanna Frautschi and Alan Bedell, Sponsors of the  10-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVALS

“Heartland Theatre is refreshing and unique. We appreciate the opportunity to help support such a wonderful cultural addition to our community. We have chosen to sponsor the 10-Minute Plays for twelve years because these slices of creativity, around a central theme, spotlight an array of emerging and eclectic talent.”

Peg and John Kirk, Sponsors of SUPERIOR DONUTS & A DOLL’S HOUSE

“When we saw the premiere of Superior Donuts in 2008 at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, we looked at each other and said, “Heartland Theatre is refreshing and “This would to well at Heartland.” We often do that when we see professional productions of good plays because we are proud of the artistic excellence of our own local “professionals” at Heartland Theatre. And, as we often do, we brought the word home to Mike and the play selection committee. Now, after the long process of approving and scheduling, we are happy tonight to sponsor a production of this delightful play at our favorite theatre.”


“The theatre is a magical experience, wherever you go. You enter a theatre and sit close together with a group of strangers. Then the lights go down… and you are transported by the artists/actors to another place or time or way of thinking. You leave the building altered. That is why we support Heartland. Thank you, Heartland, for changing us.”
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