Volunteers are the heart of Heartland. Share your talents with us!

Jo Mink, volunteer usher and intermission hostess at Heartland


Over 480 volunteers give over 38,000 hours of their time and talent to Heartland each year. Everyone from actors to ushers, board members to play selection committees, back stage crew to box office. If you have some time to give, join us!

Please complete this online form or email us at [email protected] about your interests and skills, including your contact information. Better yet, come to a show and introduce yourself to our managing director Gail Dobbins or our artistic director Rhys Lovell, or any board member.

Volunteer Ushers Susan Long and Marilyn Sutherland in Heartland’s box office window.

Areas of interest might include acting, directing, assistant directing, stage management, stage crew, set design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, properties design, helping build or strike sets, theatre clean-up, operating the board, publicity, ushering, working in the box office, house management, fundraising, or serving on Heartland’s Board of Directors or one of its committees.

Devon Lovell modeling our new aprons
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