10-Minute Play Competition Judging Criteria

1. Theme

a. Is there a strong, clear use of the theme in this play?

b. Is the use of the theme original and interesting?

2. Voice

a. Does the author show a strong, interesting writing style?

b. Does the author have a clear viewpoint that’s well integrated into the play?

3. Characterization

a. Are the characters interesting and compelling as written? Are these people you want to hear more about at the end of ten minutes?

b. Do the characters seem credible and real?

c. Are these the best characters to propel this action?

d. Does the main character change or develop through the course of the play?

4. Plot

a. Does the plot seem fresh, intriguing and original?

b. Does something happen?

c. Is there sufficient conflict and tension to sustain ten minutes?

d. Will this plot seem active, vital and dramatic on stage?

5. Dialogue

a. Does the dialogue fit the characters?

b. Does the dialogue sound natural and credible for the plot and location?

c. Does each character have his or her own unique voice?

d. Does the dialogue seem fresh and compelling, not dull or boring or generic?

6. Appropriateness

a. Is this play appropriate for Heartland’s stage facilities?

7. Mechanics

a. Is the play likely to be ten minutes long in performance?

7. Overall effect

a. Is the play satisfying and memorable by the end?

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