10-Minute Play Festival

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It’s a graduation party at Heartland Theatre! Eight winning plays submitted from around the world will be fully staged. Many of the winning playwrights will travel to see their original plays realized for the first time.

You’ll enjoy 10-minute plays that explore the fleeting moments when people realize they’re finishing a journey together.  Did the co-workers really bond during that five-day survival course in the wilderness?  When one spouse earns an MBA, is the other half of the relationship cheering or grimacing?  Whether graduates are leaving a vacation bible school or a Ph.D. program, we’ll see them say good-bye.  Join the fun!



A CLASS ACT by Dan Borengasser, Springdale AR

Some enchanted evening, you see a stranger. You see a stranger across a crowded room. And somehow you know—you know even then—that the whole situation is about to turn a little weird. Sometimes the greatest lesson of graduating is realizing that you have a lot to learn.

Adult banter, without offensive content. Suitable for all ages but intended for adults.


CAKES AND CORPSES by Milo Shucavage, New York NY 

Finishing your education means facing the job market. It’s often tough and even job seekers with great credentials start to get creative. That’s not always a good thing.

Dark humor throughout. No profanity. Suitable for all ages, but intended for adults.


PULLING THE ENVELOPE by Shawn Samuelson Henry, Grosse Point Park MI

A graduation party brings a lot of people together—proud parents, happy graduates, and all the people who played a supporting role in the student’s life. It’s the kind of event that lets students share their thoughts about their education and about their future. Sometimes that sharing has unexpected results. 

Adult conversations with no profanity. Suitable for all ages but intended for adults.


SPACE CAT GRADUATION by John Enright, Chicago IL 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the Space Cat Academy had a graduation, and two of those graduates went on to lead the forces that saved the universe. Those graduates aren’t in this play.

Broad humor with mild references to recreational drugs. Suitable for all audiences.


WAX FRUIT by Laura King, Barnesville GA

We’re always told that what’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside. Sometimes, though, what’s on the outside takes center stage and there’s just not much anyone can do about it.

Adult conversations with no profanity. Intended for adult audiences.



Graduations are about people in transition. Two parents try to deal with a transition they didn’t expect.

Adult themes. One profanity. Intended for adult audiences.


 GRADUATION PARTY by Paul Bowman, New Albany IN

Some non-traditional graduates are getting their diplomas and having a celebration. That’s the story, but the action here isn’t about the ‘what’–the ‘why’ and the ‘who’ are a lot more important.

Adult conversation and themes. One very mild profanity and a brief physical altercation. Suitable for all ages, but intended for adult audiences.


NEVER TOO LATE by John Meiners, Jr, Houston TX 

The world is not all that big a place, it turns out. Sometimes when paths cross once, they eventually cross again. A graduation rearranges the map of two people’s lives and when it’s all said and done, it turns out it hasn’t all been said or done.

Adult conversation. No offensive language or subject matter. Suitable for all ages, but intended for adult audiences.

History of the 10-Minute Plays

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Performances: June 1,2,3 | 8,9,10 |15,16,17,18* | 22,23,24* – 2017

*Sunday, June 16 and Saturday, June 24 both are matinees.  June 24 has an evening performance also (two performances on Saturday, June 24)








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