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A LITTLE MAGIC by Scott Mullen, North Hollywood CA

A woman finds herself between a woman who probably knows too much, and a man who apparently doesn’t know anything. Be careful what you wish for.

BLACK, IT’S MAGIC by Blaise Miller, Frisco TX

On most nights, it’s a bad idea to make serious life decisions based on the turn of a card. There are some nights, though, when that rule doesn’t apply.

FRACTURED FERRY TALE by Ken Levine, Los Angeles CA

There’s a city that never sleeps and every day the people there hustle through their daily routine. Sometimes, though, the daily routine is anything but routine.

PERSEPHONE by Jennifer O’Grady, Pelham NY

When a living person is still connected to a lost loved one, it’s the story of many of our lives. When a loved one who has passed remains connected to the living, it’s the stuff of drama.

RUNED by Jonathan Josephson, Pasadena CA

A curse is not a gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, people do keep on giving and when you’re handling a cursed object it can all turn into a cosmic game of hot potato. No, really. Hot potato.

TA-DA OR TOODLE-OO by Emily Hageman, Sioux City IA

Every magic act is a team effort. You’re thinking of the magician and his or her assistants, right? Oh, if only it were that simple.

WAITING FOR MACBETH by Eric Weil, Elizabeth City NC

It takes time for the Scottish play to weave its tale, and three special characters have plenty of time to chat. They don’t call them the weird sisters for nothing.

WITHIN ONE MONTH’S TIME by Steven Korbar, Torrance CA

What’s the difference between faith and self-delusion? How do you know if a person has information or is just bluffing? If you can make an accuser doubt themselves, have you negated the accusation?

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